Gran Hotel resources

Click here to read the most complete set of instructions that I have published for teaching a novela like Gran Hotel in class.

Here are the resources that I have developed for teaching Gran Hotel. Keep in mind that I teach Gran Hotel in my advanced classes and, while the texts are simplified, the grammar is not sheltered. Take a look at the previews to see if they are comprehensible for your classes.

Episode 1: Essential student guide

Episode 2: Essential student guide

Episode 3: Essential student guide

Episode 4: Essential student guide

Episode 5: Essential student guide


  1. Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know– if I order the whole series of gran hotel on amazon, does it come with Spanish subtitles? Watching it with Spanish subtitles, I have found to be the most engaging!!

    Gracias- Becca

  2. Any ideas where we can find Grand Hotel now? I saw the region 2 DVD sold on Amazon, but that’s the only way I’ve seen it so far. I guess it’s not on NFLX anymore.


  3. Hi there,
    I’m finishing up your Episode 1 guide (last scene from the 9th page) – and realized that the study guide ends after about 47 minutes of the episode, but there are nearly 24 minutes left of the episode to watch. Am I missing something? Did you intentionally leave out those last 24 minutes? Thanks for any feedback!

    • These guides were originally written using the Netflix versions– neither Kara nor I even were aware that the original episodes (which you get on the DVD) are longer. The episode 2 guide picks up where the last guide left off, at the very next scene. I have been trying to find time to consolidate them so that they follow the timings of the DVD rather than the old Netflix timings. Once I do, I will change the price to reflect that each packet has more in it so if you decide to buy episode 2 now, you will (a) be able to freely download the new revised packet once it is available and (b) you can use those guides now, it is just that the time stamp is wrong.

  4. Hola Mike! Wondering if you might consider adding to your episode guides for Gran Hotel? I bought the series, since it’s not on Netflix anymore, and am using it in AP when we need a break from all the less-interesting test prep. Students LOVE the series, as do I, but I’m still learning the CI ways. Thanks for providing so much instruction for how to do this!

    • Sorry I missed this comment!! We currently have episodes 1-5 posted, but they are for the Netflix shorter episodes. You can still use them with the DVDs, but the time stamps are off. We have episodes 6 and 7 partially complete, but that work will be added to the rewrite of all of the guides to reflect the DVD length. If you bought the Netflix episode guides then you will get a message from TpT for a free download once the DVD versions are ready.

      • Hi Mike! My students and I LOVE Grand Hotel and use your materials to aid in comprehension. They are perfect and really compliment the series. Any idea of when you might have episodes 6 and 7 available for purchase? I’ll but them the minute they are available!

      • well… honestly that has been placed on the back burner while I work on a million other projects. This summer I plan to expand the Gran Hotel offerings significantly.

  5. Netflix plans to stop airing Grand Hotel (Gran Hotel) Nov 15, 2016. If enough of us call in or follow the instructions here, they might renew the program. I thought that if your students wanted to continue to watch, you could let them know that. Just an FYI! My students have just begun watching and we have a long ways to go! I would love to have this available still.

    How to help online: Go to Sign into your Netflix account. In the Quick Links column at right, click on Suggesting TV shows. It gives you three lines to suggest 3 shows. Type Grand Hotel into each of them. Repeat. Please share! Type the title in English.

    I found the link on my account in the HELP CENTER. There you can REQUEST TV shows. Please REQUEST GRAND HOTEL 3 times and repeat often.

    Thank you!

  6. Thank you! Thank you! I binge watched Gran Hotel last night and I bought your episode 1 materials today. (Waiting for District Approval to show video in class to buy the rest of your episode guys. Don’t even get me started…

    I’m running into logistical problems now. I can’t show it from Netflix at school, it’s blocked and forbidden. I searched to buy the DVDs. There’s a seller who sells the Season 1 DVDs but they don’t ship to the US. I found the entire series DVD, but the reviews say that it does not have subtitles. My plan was to show a scene with English subtitles to ensure comprehension, then show it again without subtitles, then discuss, read, and discuss some more.

    How do you show it? DVD? Netflix? If I can’t find the dvds without subtitles, should I still go for it? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    • I think the ideal would be if you could request that your IT dept unblock Netflix for your district credentials… perhaps your principal would be convinced and make the argument for you? The most important thing, however, is that kids are processing and understanding your Spanish… very few students will be able to use just the episode to acquire Spanish. I like how you have so many layers of activities planned so that, even though they will see the episode with English subtitles, the focus is really on processing the Spanish that you present. I would go for it… as long as you can train kids to answer your questions, it sounds compelling to me! Tell me how it works out.

      • Thanks for responding. Do you show it through Netflix? Do you have a back up plan if Netflix takes it off “watch instantly” or whatever they call it?

  7. There is NO way I can spend three weeks watching one episode of Gran Hotel in class at my school. Do you think I could effectively do this in half the time? Or is that just pointless in your opinion?

      • Another idea occurred to me: in your school do you have to pass in weekly lesson plans? If that is the reason showing El Gran Hotel for three weeks would never fly in your school, perhaps you could instead label the last 15 minutes of class (3-4 times per week) something more generic like “Working with authentic resources”. You can copy some of the text from my link below if your dept chair or principal wants more detail, but that way it does not look like you are just sitting back watching movies all of the time.

  8. Hi, I’m very interested in the information you have shared thus far for El Gran Hotel – I was wondering if you have completed your Student Guides & Supplementary Materials for the rest of the series??

    • This summer I have teamed up with Kara Jacobs and we are working on the study guides– episodes 2 & 3 are well on their way! I plan to use them next year, so we will probably complete several more.

  9. My question is this: is it worth showing something like this if they don’t actually understand what is being said and I simply movie talk it to make it understood? I know the first rule of CI is that it must CI but does the film content need to be comprehensible or can I provide the reps of CI and use the film as a sort of backdrop for the structures that I am reinforcing?

    • Exactly! I have argued that we should not assume that the video provides any CI, the teacher provides the CI. My analogy is that if the teacher is not careful it can be like when you fly on a plane and view a movie in the seat next to you, understand the whole thing but never actually hear the audio. That is a good story, but does not help acquire language. The real use of these is supplying really compelling content, but if it is truly that compelling you should know that students are going online and watching ahead on Netflix. Nothing you can do about that, but the plot is not really the focus of your class anyways. It is the constant questions and answers that verify that students are understanding Spanish. I have summarized my approach here, and I am very clear that a “let´s watch 10 or 20 minutes and then talk” approach is far inferior to a “let´s talk for 10 minutes, watch two minutes and then talk for another 10 minutes” approach. Here is the link:

  10. I’m anxious to see these resources! I’m thinking about doing a trial-run of something like this for the last quarter of the school year for my Spanish III class. I’d love to do El Internado, but I’m worried about the quantity of foul language.

    • Consider Gran Hotel instead, or at least check out my Teacher Warning List (in the free supplemental materials) to see about all of the questionable moments in episode 1 of El Internado. I have an episode 1 study guide for Gran Hotel posted above.

    • Gran Hotel is a step up in complexity from El Internado! Today I am finishing the first guide for Gran Hotel and, even though the episodes are much shorter, I am writing a lot more to make sure that it is comprehensible.

  11. I suppose the answer is obvious, but are you still working on adding the links to these resources? Looking forward to them! Love your work, and I love Gran Hotel!

    • I love Gran Hotel too!! I will write a new blog post when I finish the first episode, so if you follow my blog you will sure to get it in your inbox.

      • Woo! Genial! Gracias. I can’t wait to show my Spanish II class who has been watching El Internado with me the evolution of Yon Gonzalez.

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