Episode 4 study guide for El Internado

Here is the download link, as well as the link for supplemental activities.

It took me two months to write this study guide; there are 11 additional activities including 2 Kahoot! and 2 Quizlet reading activities (which can be played as a Quizlet Live! game if you have an account).

ep 4 guide

All of the activities referred to in the left margin can be downloaded for free from my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Look for the download titled “Free Supplemental Activities for Episode 4”. To help you locate the correct resource while teaching, each activity is numbered in the same order as they are presented in the study guide.

There are also links to online activities; just paste those links into the address bar of an internet browser.

The left margin occasionally contains a vocabulary phrase. These are to alert you to phrases that your students may not be familiar with but that are extremely high-frequency in El Internado. It is worth taking the time to thoroughly teach these phrases by using them a lot (with frequent comprehension checks) when students first encounter them.

I take pride in writing summaries that are highly comprehensible to students. However, many of the questions in the right margin are intended to be “challenge questions”. Some are truly trivia, while others are explanations that highlight phrases that most students will neither notice nor need to notice to understand the series.

There are many ways of using this study guide. I have blogged about how I use the study guides here:

and this one even includes a video of me teaching El Internado to one of my Spanish 1 classes:

I hope this product brings joy to your classroom!

Mike Peto

One comment

  1. So cool! I never thought of imbedding the questions right in the reading like that I think it’s a great idea:)

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