Newspaper articles reviewing AP themes of first semester

ofrendasHere are four newspaper articles that I modified to make into language activities for my AP class, reviewing some of the themes of the semester. Each article has a variety of activities (including a vocabulary section modeled after what I am seeing on the IB materials that we are using).  My students found these articles difficult, although I thought that they are representative of the kind of text one might find on an AP or IB exam.

The first article is about discrimination against the handicapped in Costa Rica. Click here to download  the PDF or the .DOCX

The second article is about a protest that occurred when a student was not allowed to nurse her baby in school. Click here to download  the PDF or the .DOCX

The third article is about the recent discovery of a tomb that confirms the power held by female priests some 1,200 years ago in the Mochica culture, situated in modern day Peru. I have created a power point to discuss before reading this article so that students can contextualize the Mochica culture, click here to download it . There are several questions that seek to compare gender roles between the Mochica and the present-day US. Click here to download  the PDF or the .DOCX

The fourth article is about the consequences of a diet lacking in omega 3 fatty acids. Click here to download the PDF or  the .DOCX


  1. I am SO very grateful to have stumbled upon your blog! I am teaching a level 4/IB class for the first time and so much of your work is relevant and helpful in my planning and creation of my course. ¡Mil gracias!
    K. Kahoun
    Worthington, OH

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